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The Maya App, developed by the Maya Health Network, is a streamlined and secure application designed specifically for busy doctors. The collaboration and communication tools in Maya are what really make this app a powerful tool for the busy physician.

  • Maya provides a free, secure, messaging system that allows doctors to share information on patients, keep in touch with colleagues and stay connected to the latest in health events and news that effect their practice.
  • Within Maya you can refer a patient, consult with colleagues on a case, or just send messages to keep in touch.
  • With Maya referring a patient is easier than ever. Just select from your list of patients, choose the doctor you want to refer the patient to and hit send. It’s that easy.
  • The app also allows you to consult with colleagues while sharing information on patients. Not only is it easy to communicate and share information on patients, but the Maya App keeps these communications as part of the chronological history of the patient providing a quick clinical history of interactions related to the patient.

By downloading the app and becoming a part of the Maya community you’ll become a key part of a network dedicated to creating a more efficient and effective healthcare environment. An interconnected family of doctors all with the latest in mobile health tools at their fingertips, all collaborating and sharing patient information, all helping to inform one another and the community around them on the challenges and breakthroughs affecting the health of their patients.

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